We are skilled craftspeople who work with care and passion.

Vulcano is an artistic foundry dedicated to being a workshop of reference in the sculpting community. We work from the design stage, creating prototypes, right through to the creation stage and the casting of musical bells.


We are in the north of Catalonia in Serra de Daró, Baix Empordà. We offer a personalised, professional service on a national and international level. We provide private transport from our workshop to the final destination of the piece.


Our work spaces and workshops are also open to be used as intimate spaces in which to experiment.

Your private work laboratory. To dream, think, analyse, conside, design and create.


Our exceptional team is educated in the fine arts and has outstanding experience of more than a decade in the oldest Artistic Foundry in Catalonia; The Barberi Foundry – specialists in sculptures both big and small. As well as in the creation of musical bells from the Barberi brand.


Depending on your requirements we will look for the method and materials most appropriate to transform your idea into reality. Whether it be one piece or multiple that you require.


We can provide accommodation if you need to work here for a few days. You will find them in our services. Catering to your needs you will have at your disposal the opportunity to stay in a hotel or to stay in more rural accommodation.

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