Casting/Sculpture replicas

Sculptures of all sizes

The Vulcano Artistic Foundry creates large pieces for spaces both public and private.

The team at Vulcano collaborates with many different types of organisations and can offer diverse artistic styles bringing to life the initial idea of grand projects. We will carefully assess and coordinate the entire process, from the casting of the piece to its inauguration. Including transport.

Silicon casting:


Platinum silicon composite moulds that can be treated with practically no contraction. The prefabricated platinum, silicon composites (treated by water vapor) are strong, durable, and free from contraction. The quality of this silicon mould is superior to that of tin moulds. The silicon moulds are used to make very accurate casts.


The silicon composites with tin catalyst (treated by water vapor) are used to make elastic moulds that are used to produce objects of many different types of materials such as resin, plaster and cement.

Alimentary use

These casts are suitable to make moulds and shapes that will contain edible products. For example; chocolate, butter or even ice. The elements of these casts comply with the regulation FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

For application on skin 

and for prosthetic makeup (special FX)

Silicon casts that are used to take a cast of the face or entire head or for other parts of the body. These will reproduce perfectly every detail and allow replicas to be made from different materials.

With our experience in the creation of moulds and casts and with your collaboration we will find the best way to create the mould that will mean the least work possible when it comes time to retouching or using the mould again. In the event that the mould will be used as a one-off we will make sure to use the most affordable materials, keeping costs down for you.

We will shortly be adding pictures to help show you what we can do.

Sculpture casting

We offer two widely used techniques; the lost-wax casting method and ground moulding.

When a sculpture that is made from metal has been cleaned and brushed of impurities by the casting process it is then that we arrive to one of the most magical moments of the whole process. A moment shared between the artist and the paint technician. The colour!

Resin sculptures

From the mould we can create resin casts (made from natural materials. For instance, hazelnut, walnut, almond, oyster shell, coffee compounds…)

Ceramic Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

From the mould we can create sculptures made of ice.

Food Sculptures

From the mould we can create sculptures made from food. For example, from butter or chocolate

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