3D Scanner and Digital Printing

At the Vulcano Artistic Foundry our services include 3D Scanning, digitalising and prototyping for 3D printing with a strong focus on meeting the needs of our customers at a competitive price.

Depending on the project and the sculpture we will use the type of scanner and the program of reverse engineering best suited to the project. We can produce enlargement or reductions of prototypes.

We will help you develop your idea, sculpture or future product.

Our Technical Design and Engineering & Product Development department will assess and offer you guidance at every stage. From an aesthetic perspective they can provide you with innovative, original ideas that will intrigue, inspire and connect with your future customers.

Digitalised in 3D.

The taking of data from an object through an optical system (3D scanner) to obtain a three-dimensional mesh or collection of reference points and convert this information into a digital file. This information can then be manipulated using specialist software, CAD 3D.


It is important to define the precision and the resolution we will need in order to know which 3D scanner will be the most suitable to get the best file.

Digital or artisanal enlargement and reduction.

This service offers you the option to scale up or down your sculpture to the size you desire. We can do this by hand or using a 3D printer.

Digital modelling.

Our technical and production office has 10 years of experience. Beginning with a 2D sketch by the artist we then convert your idea into 3D. Digitalising the sculpture in this way helps us be able to make little tweaks to the work using the most advanced CAD/CAM systems.

Model creation.

We have at our disposal various 3D printers capable of printing works of up to 1000mm x 1000mm x 600mm using the fused deposition modeling (FDM) method. This method offers reliability, quality, speed and delivers the pieces in impeccable condition using whatever brackets and supports may be needed.

Mechanised sculpture service.

The task of putting up a sculpture can be like a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to the printing process and the ease with which they are designed to be put together we can put a piece up with minimal effort. Even for large scale works.

We provide the complete service.

To ensure the best protection possible for your sculpture we use polyurethane paint.


We have at our disposal all type of material. A wide-range of possibilities for 3D printing. Materials include: PLA, PET, Carbon, HIPS, PVA, Fire-resistant, flexible and nylon products amongst many others. Materials manufactured in the EU.

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